Digital Information Systems - Info Kiosk

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We offer a wide range of over 30 models of kiosks for indoor and outdoor spaces, indoor and outdoor billboards and automated systems.

We support the need for automation in any field, using the latest interactive interfaces (such as touch screen displays , interactive windows , etc.) within kiosks multimedia component and the latest technology in software development - customizable by customers demands.

Maintenance Services for Info Kiosk

The prices for the maintenece services are based on the product assessments of its phisical condition when visiting its location.

Kiosk Features:

sistem digital de informare For indoor kiosks:
  • Unique design for each project
  • Integration in complex systems
  • Intuitive software applications
  • Touchscreen technology for any screen size
For outdoor kiosks:
  • Equipment dedicated outdoor environment
  • Large Display
  • Solutions for ventilation and heating equipment
  • Protections for the structure and components
  • Anti - Vandalism touchscreen technology
  • Dedicated design and integration in complex systems
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