Access Control Systems

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We offer access control system to restrict the role of individuals and / or vehicles in different places and / or locations at some point in time, in order to increase the security level. Restrictions can be made according to the access rights of persons and / or vehicles. The system can generate reports regarding the access and presence in areas where it is installed.

sisteme de control acces

We can integrate the access control systems with video monitoring and surveillance systems with recognition for vehicles (if it is the case), their registration number; in this case access is automatically.

The functioning of the access control system can be locally or on a network.

Locally functional access control system can allow multiple users access through a door after a schedule, without imposing limitations on the number of controlled doors.

Network operation allows correlation of the information by the central access control units so that users can access predefined paths after predefined access programs.

Access control system can work with: magnetic cards, barcode cards or access code keypads, fingerprint access, video intercoms, access barrier code or registration number recognition.
The system can include other factors for physical access limitation to restricted and / or monitored areas, such as electro-magnetic lock system, turnstiles, barriers with or without video monitoring, etc.

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