Document Management & Electronic Archive

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Document Management System ( DMS ) is a document management system used to track and store electronic documents and / or images of paper documents . It is usually able to take into account the different versions created by different users - a history of the documents.

Electronic archiving involves the process by which paper documents are converted to images by scaning manually and / or automatically then translated into an electronic archive on a hardware support.

Electronic archiving services include information indexing of the scanned documents – images get processed electronically by keyword and / or content.

An efficient Document Management Solution is ELO Professional which is ideal for archiving and fast retrieving documents.
It saves resources ( time & money) and is keeping control over documents in your company .

The advantages of a Document Management System and Electronic Archive are:

  • Quick access to documents
  • Backing up for the physical archive
  • Flexibility in managing digital archives

The manual and / or automatic scanning services fot the physical documents is performed at resolutions between 150 and 300 dpi , monochrome or color , and in accessible formats such as PDF , JPEG or TIF.

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