CRM Platforms

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We offer consultancy in implementing customer relationship management systems - CRM - for better competitiveness in acquiring a business environment.

CRM concept is the establishment, development, maintenance and optimization of long-term mutual relationship between customer and company. The success of your CRM system is based on the comprehension of the customer's needs and desires. These needs and desires are placed in the center of the company policy, involving management, employees, material and technical resources, policies that lead to attracting and retaining customers.

Therefore, CRM helps companies comprehend, and anticipate the needs of current and prospective customers. Functions covering the business purpose include sales, marketing, customer support, professional development, training, human resources, etc.

A CRM platform is SugarCRM.

Sugar CRM is a complete solution that automates the activities and processes for marketing & sales and customer service within a company, focusing on the individual. Users benefit from a strong functionality on who actually want to use it, with an overall view of the activities of the company.

Our offer includes:

  • Solution analysis, installation and configuration
  • Testing the application and issuing test reports
  • Technical assistance under the agreed intervention time
  • Project Management Services