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Environment Operational Programme

The overall objective of the Environment Operational Programme is to reduce the gap between the EU and Romania regarding environmental infrastructure both in terms of quantity and quality.

Specific objectives
  • Water and wastewater infrastructure quality and access improvement, by providing water supply and sewerage in most urban areas by 2015;
  • Dezvoltarea sistemelor durabile de management al deseurilor , prin imbunatatirea managementului deseurilor si reducerea numarului de zone poluate istoric in minimum 30 de judete pana in 2015;
  • Reducing negative impacts caused by urban heating systems in most polluted settlements by 2015;
  • Protection and enhancement of biodiversity and natural heritage by supporting protected areas management, including the implementation of Natura 2000;
  • Reducing the risk of natural disasters that may affect the population, by implementing preventive measures in the most vulnerable areas by 2015.