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Increase of Economic Competitiveness Operational Programme

The overall objective of economic competitiveness is the Romanian companies' productivity growth to reduce disparities compared to the average productivity of the Union. Measures taken in 2015 will generate an average increase in productivity of approx. 5.5% annually and will allow Romania to reach a level of about 55% of the EU average.

Target beneficiaries are both existing businesses that need to modernize and update products and technologies, and new firms, particularly in manufacturing and advanced services sector, who need qualified assistance through the development of appropriate integrated business infrastructure.

Specific objectives
  • Consolidation and sustainable development of the productive sector;
  • Creating a favorable environment for sustainable development of enterprises;
  • Increasing the capacity of research and development (R & D), stimulate cooperation between research institutions and innovation development (R & D) and enterprises, increasing enterprise's access to CDI;
  • Exploiting the potential of information and communications technology and its application in the public sector (administration) and private sector(enterprises, citizens);
  • Increasing energy efficiency and sustainable development of the energy system by promoting renewable sources of energy.

The Operational Programme "Increase of Economic Competitiveness" is one of the seven operational programs - tools for achieving the priorities of the National Strategic Reference Framework and the National Development Plan 2007 - 2013.

These national strategic documents sought to reinforce and implement in Romania the social and economic cohesion policy and regional development of the adaptation of their European policies and the Lisbon strategy, oriented mainly towards economic growth and job creation.